The Constant Learner

September 24, 2009 § 1 Comment

To become a Constant Learner is one of the simple but not easy concepts I enjoy wrestling with.  It is important to learn new things, and to dig deeper into the knowledge base of the things you are already know.  The moment you begin to “know it all”, you are falling behind.  Consider learning not just facts and figures, but learning concepts and learning more about other individuals.  This last one is crucial.

I can work on leadership techniques and principles. I can adopt advanced project management systems. But if I don’t plow the ground of the individuals I work with, and if i don’t learn and comprehend what makes them tick, then my grand plans can still crash and burn.

Obviously the challenge of learning is intense.  The ever growing riptide of information about any given topic or concept slams you from your comfy knowledge base.  The fickle human nature we all possess confuses our interpersonal equilibrium with even the closest of friends and family.  But the treasures that are buried when we take the time to seek, find, and most importantly remember.

Perhaps the exponentially difficult challenge of acquiring information about someone or something is knowing how to access that information in the future.  Ever read something but 3 months later you can’t really remember the points made?  Ever push the same trigger buttons on your spouse unintentionally? Ever offered yesterday’s solutions to today’s problems? Yea, me too.  This is the result of observing without learning.  To learn is to observe or experience AND acquire the capability to utilize that information or skill in the future….then repeat ad infinitum.

Cultivating yourself into a constant learner is like the daily toil of a farmer.  The benefit of the labor is not instantly apparent, but the bountiful harvest speaks for itself.

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§ One Response to The Constant Learner

  • Atul says:

    I agree, if one comes from I know it all, one is lost out on the excitement and thrill of being a learner with a beginner’s mind.

    ….and having this learner’s mind constantly is the challenge and perhaps the thrill of growth :)

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